Become a Illinois Rural Letter Carriers’ Association Member


Remind carriers you know who are retiring that the 1187 withholding form for


dues membership is no longer valid when they retire.


The original 1187 will not be recognized for the retiree.



OF DUES WHEN A CARRIER RETIRES. A retiree can also pay cash dues at that time

if they prefer. HOWEVER, they need to know that the postal service does not

automatically take care of this change for them although they are often times led to

believe this happens.

It is the carrier’s responsibility and they have to do it with the union, not the postal service.


A retiring employee is eligible for continued health benefits coverage with no reduction in benefits if retiring on an immediate annuity and has been enrolled or covered as a family member in the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program:


since his/her first opportunity


for at least five years of service immediately preceding retirement


If a retiree decides to drop membership for a year and change health insurance companies (you would not be allowed to keep our insurance if you were not a dues paying member) you cannot come back in a year, sign up for membership and regain your health insurance. This is a change from past policy and needs noted by retirees considering making such a change.


If a retiree remains a member and changes health insurance companies and then decides to go back to our health insurance, as long as they remained a dues paying member during that time, they can go back on our plan at the given opening enrollment dates.


Spouses Benefits


Spouses of retired carriers who die (widow or widower) do not have to continue paying membership dues to the Association. This is true even if they are covered with the Rural Carrier Health Plan –they DO NOT have to continue paying membership dues. They will be covered.


However, if they wish to change from family plan to single, they do need to contact the health insurance plan provider to do so. This will not happen automatically. They may continue receiving the Illinois newspaper but must pay $5.00 Auxiliary dues to the State Auxiliary. To continue the national magazine they would need to call the national office.


1C to 4W: When a Regular member retires, who was on cash dues, they must complete the Form 1187-R to go on withholding as a retiree, or pay cash dues as a retiree. Check with the State Secretary when this occurs before paying dues.


1W to 4W: When a Regular member retires during a membership year, the Form 1187 is no longer valid and a new 1187-R needs to be completed.


4C to 4 W: Whenever a retired member paying cash dues for the current membership year wishes to enroll in the dues withholding program for the next membership year, the member may complete a Form 1187-R and send it in to the State Secretary for processing before July 1.


Other Types of Membership


Associate Members: This category has changed. No management associates can be in this category any more. This was a change at the 2001 National Convention in the Constitution and Bylaws. The only Associates we now have are those who were in the rural craft who had our insurance who has now changed to a different craft, but is still paying our dues to keep our health insurance.


Delinquent Members: This category is for members during the previous year (prior to July 1) who have not paid dues for the new membership year, which began July 1. When the records are purged, these individuals will stop receiving the National Magazine, and the State newspaper. They will not begin receiving them again until their dues are made current. All delinquent members who have not paid their dues by the July 1 date will be deleted as a member from the membership records, and are then considered a non member.


Additional Membership Notes:


Non-rural craft employees, widows/widowers of rural carriers and other non management persons may receive the National Magazine without being a current dues paying member of the Association by paying a yearly subscription rate to the National Office. Some states pay the subscription fee for their widows and widowers. At this time Illinois does not.


Feel free to call upon your State Secretary for any additional membership dues questions or concerns.


Aren’t you even a little bit curious about us?




This is an invitation you should not refuse, if you want to be knowledgeable about your contract, your rights, your benefits, the way things should be handled in your office. It is in YOUR BEST INTEREST to join now. The Illinois Rural Letter Carriers’ Association has a unique, newly enhanced steward’s system second to none in this country. Wouldn’t you like to be part of the voice in our organization about how we operate, how we spend your money, how we lobby, how we represent you?? By being a member you will receive the national magazine, the state newspaper and many other ways to find out more to help you better protect yourself and your rights.


We, the Illinois (National) Rural Letter Carriers’ Association, are the only representatives that you are allowed to have if you get into trouble. Little do we know from day to day, if, or when, that trouble might come. Our strength comes from the members who financially support us. We need you and you need us!


All you need to do is pick up a phone and call. A dues/withholding form is included on this site for your convenience – print it off and mail it in today!


Mail to: 

Christine De Nino

ILRLCA Secretary/Treasurer

Galena, IL 61036


(Note: If you are a relief carrier and enroll in payroll deduction & do not work a pay period, you do not pay dues during that pay period.)