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Area Steward April Sundberg has a new email address:  Her old email address is no longer valid.

Mid-States Agenda Announced

Click here to download the agenda.

Lakeland Mail Count Dispute Information

Click here to download PDF

ILRLCA State Convention

Information, food ticket order form and committee assigment survey. Click here…

Mid-States Conference

Click here to download registration information.

New Log in Procedures for USPS Lite Blue

New log in procedures for "LiteBlue" coming soon. Click here to read more…

Scanner Information

USPS contracts for new scanners. Click here to read more

MAIL COUNT-Lakeland offices

If you have written a dispute letter; please send a copy to your assigned ADR. We will be meeting at the district in April, to discuss dispute letters and attempt to resolve them. If we are unable, a response will be Read more here…

A message from Julia Doggett

FYI - There are service messages coming in on the scanners; the scanners beep incessantly until you read he message or confirm you have done so. They have been discussing this at the headquarters   Read more here…

2014 Winter Booster, Timber Creek Inn, Sandwich, Illinois

Despite the blowing snow and frigid temperatures the Booster in Sandwich was a well-attended and informative event.  Timber Creek Inn provided a Read more here…

Do you know a Rural Letter Carrier Hero?

Rural carriers really connect with their customers, and are often considered members of the community regardless of where they live.  Noticing mail that is not picked up as usual, lost children, wandering pets Read more here…

Post Plan

The USPS is moving forward with Post Plan, which includes combining the administrative work of up to 5 offices under the roof of one Postmaster. The administrative post office where the Read more here…

Membership Dues

For information about Illinois Rural Letter Carriers’ Association 2012-2013 Membership Dues, please click here.

Links to your Representatives

To find links to your representatives please visit the Resource Page at the top right of this page or click here.

Elected National Delegates

The following listing gives you our Elected National Delegates for 2013. Please click here to view the listing.

2014 State Convention

Timbercreek Hotel and Convention Center, Sandwich, Illinois.

Board Policies

Board Policies for 2012 - 2013 (To Be Addressed by State Board for 2013-2014)